Welcome to Pudito!

It makes sports and other events more interesting to follow.

The concept is very simple, Make predictions about the outcome of any event - mostly sport events, but it could be any other social, political or entertainment events.
The idea is once you make your prediction, you can create a pool to play with your friends.
Some of the events are only one day, like the Oscars, and some are by season, so they last longer and have several weeks, like the NFL or the Premier League.
Once the event is locked, meaning nobody can make changes because the event is in progress or has ended, then you can see other members predictions, and charts representing how people predicts about it.

Come on, play! You will have fun.

MLS 2017/02/03 - 2017/11/10

The Major League Soccer is the main professional league for Soccer in USA; with players all around the world, this league is one of the top in the area. Don't miss any result, standings as well as making predictions and creating pools to play with your friends

League MX 2017/01/06 - 2017/05/29

Perhaps the most stronger soccer league in the Concacaf, the Mexican league is know for its competitiveness. Follow every result, schedule and standings. Make your predictions and play with friends

Serie A 2016/08/20 - 2017/05/28

The Serie A is the major league of Italy, is very well know all around the world. follow the action every week, view the schedules, standings and results. Make predictions and create pools to play with your friends

UEFA Champions League 2016/09/13 - 2017/05/28

The EUFA Champions league is the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world for football clubs, where only the best teams of the top Europe leagues have a chance to participate. Every year the winner team is crowned as the Europe Champion and perhaps this title should include the world Champion.

Premier League 2016/08/13 - 2017/05/21

The Primer league of the United Kingdom is the most watched football league in the world, their clubs are known all around the world. Follow up the excitement each week, make predictions, and create pools to play with your friends

La liga 2016/08/19 - 2017/05/21

La liga from Spain is one of the most watched in the world its clubs are followed by millions of fans all around the world. Follow the action, view schedules, standings, results. Make predictions and create pools to play with your friends

Bundesliga 2016/08/26 - 2017/05/21

The Bundesliga is the major soccer league in Germany, and it has one of the highest levels in Europe and in the World. Follow each week, watch the standings, schedule and make predictions

How to play

This is a series of videos that show you how to use pudito.com. It explains how to create pools, make a prediction, invite friends and more.

Name Pool
NFL Carlos solan NFL Playoffs
Carlos nfl NFL Playoffs
Super Bowl LI NFL Playoffs
tec 9 NFL Playoffs
Prueba League MX
MX League MX
Carlos sg League MX
Carlos Solano League MX
abuelito League MX
abuelito League MX
Friends UEFA Champions League